1) Log in to your WordPress site's admin dashboard

2) Click on "Events" in the left sidebar menu

3) To Add an Event, choose "Add Event" from the events sub-menu

4) Fill out the required fields for the event, including Title, Event location, and Event times & dates. Put the event description in the main content area (the largest white box in the image below)

- If this event regularly occurs once a week, month, etc, you can create a recurring event by clicking "This is a recurring event"

- If this event has multiple dates but is not regularly occurring, choose the button that says "Click here to add another date to the event."

5) Choose a category if applicable in the right column a little further down the page

6) When you are done adding in all the event's information, click the blue "publish" button to publish the post.


To Update an existing event:
Choose "Events" from the events submenu. Find the event in the list that you want to edit, and click on the event's title. Make any edits you need to make, then click the blue "Update button"