Approving updates is an essential part of the process to ensure that the message being advertised to your audience is correct. You will receive an email each month requesting you to "Approve" the updates for the following month.

To approve these updates, please follow the instructions below:

Go to

Use your assigned login credentials to login. If you are having difficulties or need your password reset, please email or click "Submit Request" at the top of this screen and we'll handle it for you..

The next screen you will see is below. Notice the red numbers (indicated by the arrow). This shows how many updates need approval by you.

Click the publishing drop down and then click "Publication Review" (Again, has red numbers beside it.)

The following screen will be your approval portal. This is where you can view, approve, change or reject the update. Please note the numbers below.
1. The title of the Campaign (this will generally be the month and year you are reviewing)
2. The "All network post". This is the post that will go out to all networks EXCEPT Twitter. Twitter has some unique characteristics that we employ for success.
3. Clicking the twitter tab at #3, will reveal the twitter post. This will look funny to some with the #'s. These are like keywords that we are strategically targeting for interaction.
4. The status update submitted for approval is here.
5. This is the image that is scheduled to deliver with the post. Please note here, if there is a link in your post (#4), that link will auto-generate an image and there won't be one here.
6. The time and date this post will broadcast.
7. The networks this post is scheduled to deliver on (If you would like it sent to more than what you are subscribed to, let us know and we can discuss a new package.)
8. By clicking "Change", you are offered the opportunity to change the post. Once you save it, after changing it, it is automatically accepted and you will be redirected to the approve screen.
9. Clicking "Approve" - The post is approved and scheduled.
10. Don't like it at all - Click "Reject" and it will send it back to our team for revisions. Please note what you want changed or how we could make it better in the window displayed.

That's it, you're all done. We'll monitor all of your interactions and respond accordingly. If we need a question answered prior to posting to one of your customers, we'll contact you directly.